Chapter 4: Dancing dynamo

Mazimba headed back towards his bedroom deep in thought. He had been planning to go out and see his friends this afternoon, as he usually did on the weekend, but his conversation with his grandmother had left him a little sombre and preoccupied. He didn’t think he would be very good company today. He hadContinue reading “Chapter 4: Dancing dynamo”

Chapter 2: Exhaustion

Batefimba heard Mazimba and Fevan approaching before she saw them. Her grandson was well known in the community for his happy laugh and his voice’s love for long-distance travel. He was forever bringing friends, some of long standing and others only recently acquired, back to the treehouse he and his grandmother shared, for dinner, soContinue reading “Chapter 2: Exhaustion”

What’s this story all about?

Hi there everybody, thanks for checking out my new story. Writing it has been an adventure for me, and I hope reading it will be one for you. As of today, Monday April 20, I’ll be reading a story I’ve been writing for a while, called The Pine Tree Peacekeepers, a chapter a day. ThatContinue reading “What’s this story all about?”